Friday, April 25, 2008

Wasatch Speedgoat Mountain Racing Team

I am not one to become a blogger...I've always said that I'd never join the Blogging train, but I decided during my run today that seeing as how I have been named a member of the Wasatch Speedgoat Mountain Racing Team, I will do this in an effort to help promote the sponsors of our team.
The majority of my posts will be my daily or possibly weekly running schedule to share with others how and how much I train as I prepare for the Hardrock Hundred 100 mile Endurance run in July.
I will also review products I have used through our sponsors.

The team is made up of a great group of Trail Ultrarunners from around the country. No we are not the fastest, nor are we the slowest....but we've all been around for awhile and are here because we represent a great cross section of the sport. Top Goat is Scott Mason with team co-captain Tim Barnes.
Team Member:


olga said...

Welcome to blogland!

Deb Pero Daily Paintings said...

i can't believe Steve is blogging now! He is a wonderful ambassador for the sport, and I think he's pretty darn cute also.

ultrastevep said...

Thanks, Babe!

You too, Olga ;-)

Jason Halladay said...

Hey Steve, congratulations on making the WSG team! You are indeed a great ambassador for the sport of ultrarunning and an obvious addition to the team.

And welcome to the blogging world! I'm slowly getting into it myself.

Keep up that Hardrock training. See you in Silverton in July.

Mike Courtney said...

Steve, Wow, bloging now, eh? Cool, I'll have to check this out periodicaly. Mike C. Alb, NM