Wednesday, January 4, 2012

...and we're back!

Based on the news Deb and I got yesterday that we are back on the Wasatch Speedgoat Mountain Racing Team roster, I am bringing this blog back to life...for the team and sponsors, of which aren't nailed down yet, other than, which is a sure thing. I'll update the sidebar when these get nailed down.

Back in the goat skin for 2012
This is at Salida, Steve mid race and Deb winning her AG

The posts I publish will be mainly centered around the races we run. Deb's about to have some shoulder surgery, which will take her out for a little bit, but not for long. She should be ready for these.
As of now the tentative schedule is:

1. Salida Marathon - March.
2. Collegiate Peaks 50 mile - April
3. Jemez 50 - May (Deb's running and I am an aid station captain)
4. San Juan Solstice 50 mile - June (Hardcore final long run for Hardrock)
5. Hardrock 100 - July (This is not tentative and we've decided to run this together)
6. Speedgoat 50K - July (depends on if we can walk after Hardrock)
7. Wasatch 100- September (Deb, depending on lottery)
7. Bear 100 - September (Steve, and Deb if she doesn't get into Wasatch)

That's it for now and will probably be it, depending on which ones we get into...after all I am now 60 and Deb will be 58 in August! Sprinkled in there here and there are the many NM MTNRNR trail series, which we will either RD or run as training.

Glad to be back and here's wishing everyone out there a fantastic 2012 and that you get into the races you want to get in!
Steve and Deb

Steve at Hardrock
4th in line with orange WSMRT shirt on
(photo by Jason Halladay, this is the 2012 finisher's poster print)


Paige said...

Sweet, glad you have you guys back in the blogosphere!!

Dan said...

Congrats to you and Deb for making the team. I just made your Hardrock photo my computer desktop background. Awesome pic!

Olga said...

Happy for you getting back on the team.

cb said...

Welcome back, Steve. Looking forward to some more great reports and photos. Love that pic, too. Wow!

ultrastevep said...

Great to be back and we start the year with the Ponderous Posterious 50K up in Colorado Springs next Saturday, will have our Goat skins on for sure!
That photo is fantastic and i'm going to be sure to get one of the finishers prints this year!

Olga said...

Was my blog link dropped? :)