Wednesday, October 13, 2010

9 great years as a married couple!

Nothing much to do about running or racing in this post.....but just had to post that 9 years ago today at approx 10am Deb and I were wed on top of Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH.
These have been my most wonderful years with the best mom, grammy, daughter, sister, wife and my best friend. Yeah she has many roles and fills them very well.
On that day we had Sue Johnston as Deb's matron of honor and Bert Meyer as my best man. Many, many friends joined us on the mountain, as well as Deb's son Josh.

Today we spend our 9th anniversary apart, as Deb is in New Mexico caring for our home and new Pup, Gibbs. As well as our two cats, Harley and Murphy and a new addition....a canary that remains unnamed as of yet, but I'm thinking Monadnock (or Alfred) might be a good name ;-) I miss her a lot....I'm still in New Hampshire, thinking I might go visit the mountain this weekend. It's as close to Deb as I can get without being with her.

That's about it....enjoy the following photos I snagged from a Monadnock blog.

Here we are getting hitched on top of Mount Monadnock
Notice Bert Meyer to the left and Craig Wilson to the right, we called the Justice of the Peace, Alfred because he reminded us of Alfred the butler in Batman. Alfred hiked up in his NH Forest Ranger uniform and at the top changed into a suit. Deb and I did the same, but notice our shoes ;-)

It's official! I'm now married to the love of my life!

With "Just" on Deb's back and "Married" on my back we began our run down the White Dot trail.
These photos were all taken for an article that was in the Keene Sentinel and written by Garry Harrington, yes that Garry Harrington! We've been friends ever since!

That's all, back to your regularly scheduled program...
Steve and Deb

Addition (Saturday, Oct 16th): I hiked up the mountain as we try to do annually to revisit the sight of our wedding. Deb's in NM so couldn't join me this year, so I went for both of us. In 2001 the weather was 70's, balmy and at almost the same time (one hour later, 11am) I was standing on the summit, or trying to stand in 70 mph winds, ankle deep snow and freezing temps. The wind was trying to blow me off the flat rock spot we stood on during our ceremony 9 years ago, but I held firm and whispered "I do" once again... New England weather, you just never know what you're going to get!


Paige said...

Simply wonderful :) Congratulations Peros!

Deb said...

See why I love him? He is always trying to do something thoughtful for me. These are good memories, and I wish I could stand on top of that mountain today again with the love of my life!
Happy day, hon, I love you!!!

Laurel said...

Congratulations to the two of you! And wishing you many more happy years together.

Run Home Pam said...

Beautiful. Happy Anniversary, Steve and Deb!

Kim said...

Happy anniversary Steve and Deb! Many many more!!

Johann said...

Congratulations! 9 years, fantastic! Thanks for sharing those photos, wonderful!

ultrastevep said...

Thanks, everyone....I returned to the spot today and it was completely different from 9 years ago when it was 70's, sunny and calm. Today I had to deal with 70MPH winds, ankle deep snow and freezing temps. What a difference!

olga said...

I can't believe you had changed into suites for the ceremony! Hey, Deb looks and runs as awesome as 9 years ago - must have been that married thing to the love of the life:) It was a great surprise to see her last Saturday!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Too cool!
I attended a wedding at Pat's Peak where we rode the ski lift up and down. It was awesome!
Happy Anniversary.

Bobbie said...

I actually talked to your wife and met your sweet dog Gibbs! It was at the Pajarito Trailfest. I came so close to asking her if her name was Deb because I remembered her face from your blog, but I was afraid I would creep her out. Gibbs is fantastic!

Bobbie in Los Alamos

ultrastevep said...

Bobbie, no way it would have freaked her out, you should have asked!

Hope we get to meet when I finally get to join Deb out there!

trailgrrl said... is to many more years of my fav couple : ) You two make me believe that true love does exist!